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Hi Guys,
Our new server or our site seems to breakdown for many hours every day. "Cannot find server, DNS error" or "Web site found, waiting for reply". It is very frustrating!
When it works it's great!

Compounding the problem is that the home page's "Recent Topics Details" doesn't work. So when the site begins working again I must go though all the forums to find new topics that I've missed.

Also when replying to a post, now you must go to "Additional Options" in order to click the box for "Notification of Replies". I wish it was automatic by default.

Our site is still wonderful though. When it is down I chat on other sites. On one other site I recently reached my attachment max of 200MB. I had to delete most of them to attach more again. The site's owner saw all my attachments disappear (I couldn't reach him) so he changed the limit to unlimited.  :'( :o ??? ::) ;D

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