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My laptop the firebomb


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I had a laptop that litterally went up in flames in December after I had purchased a new Lithium Ion battery pack. I was lucky to be at home to put out the fire because otherwise the building would have burned and someone might have gotten hurt. I had to hire a lawyer to deal with the laptop manufacturer and the battery web site lawyers when they got back to me. These companies are not accepting their responsibility and are still screwing around after 4 months. I don't want to read about any people dying in housefires before they decide to act so I'm looking for forums to post the info with pictures. I dont spend a lot of time online so if someone could advice me about  the best way to spread the word I would be grateful.

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Lithium batterys can be very dangerous if wrongly maintained or of low grade. Here in Scandinavia we have had several accidents with these batterys in Nokia cellular phones. Some unlucky users of Nokia phones have been burned in the face from fast burning low grade batterys.

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