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mp3 player from hardisk


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hi nalen!
i had asked exactly the same question in a topic called "SONGS" in circuits/design section of this site although u can directly search for "songs".
I wish to have a player in my pocket with a large harddisk so that i can store 100s of songs.what i got out of the replies was to design a small card(motherboard)with just a sound card slot and just a small processor(i dont need a big one)ofcourse it needs to have a hard disk slot and an earphone slot.
if u get any reply plz do mail it to me,plz

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lol, unless you used a laptop hard disk you couldn't even fit a hard disk in your pocket. Even if you did use a laptop hard disk you'd need a processor and digital to analogue converter to decode the mp3 and convert the binary to an analogue signal, not to mention an audio amplifier. These electronics would take up far too much space. Your best bet is to buy a cheap mp3 player, have a look on ebay.

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hi audioguru !
i guess audioguru is right.mp3 players have a limited memory.Yes,
one thing can be done .Now i have hit upon an idea,can we interface the mp3 player with my harddisk?then i can have quality music and number of songs i.e both quality and quantity.if not harddisk upto 40 or 80 GB,can i atleast attach a
small memory stick with the player?
bye the way how much memory does the player has for its own?

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I posted a link to a site in reply #1 (scroll up) where you can find all the hardware and firmware needed to make several different versions of a Hard Disk mp3 player. Yes, it does require programming a microcontroller. But that is not so hard since the code is also given to you on the site. I think you can even purchase the pre-programmed microcontroller chip.
Have a look here---->  http://www.myplace.nu/mp3/yampp3.htm
There are several versions of this player available on the site, including a USB version.


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