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Hello if anybody help me in this project or anybody know anythink about it plz help me

1.I should write an Assembly Language Program to drive a Digital Chronometer interfaced to a PC through the parallel port via a driver circuit.

2.  The Chronometer will have six 7-Segment LED Displays to keep the measured time. The time will have 2 digits for minute, 2 digits for second and 2 digits for 1/100 second  increments.

3.  The Chronometer will be counting up (from 00:00:00 to the current time) or counting down (i.e. from 01:00:00 down to 00:00:00).

4.  The Chronometer will be operated by using the keyboard of a PC and the time data that appears on the interfaced displays will appear on the PC monitor as well.

5.It will connect through pc with 25 pin parallel port

Thanks a lot

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One question: why?

It'd be a helluvalot easier to write a graphical program to put the chronometer right on the screen. The PC, itself, already has time and date information, which can be accessed via library functions. The FOX Toolkit already has a seven segment display widget. It really wouldn't be much of a C++ programming job at all.

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