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Looking for a software Breadboard

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Here is a program which simulates working on various types of stipboards/breadboards. There is a demo available.


I have to admit that I have never used the program and, as such, cannot recommend it based on personal experience. Perhaps others can comment on them having used it or possibly even have other, better, suggestions.

Edit: Though this program tries to simulate building a project on a stripboard/breadboard, it cannot actually emulate what would happen were you to "turn on" your project (it can only check electrical connections). What I believe that you are actually looking for would come under the heading of a simulation program. A quick search of this board, any other board, or even your favorite search engine, should give you many alternatives.

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I bought Lochmaster some time ago and it's an excellent program for stripboard layout and produces brilliant images of the design, but very high on my 'wish' list would be for it to do schematic capture and manual or automatic routing!

Best of Luck


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Just start some place like say where the power comes into the circuit. So take a wire and connect your power supply to the breadboard power rails. Then if there are any ics put them across the middle gap. Add a jumper from the power rail to the line that goes to the ic's power pin. Often the circuit diagrams will tell you the general area that things need to go.

Like the flash game planarity. ;)

BTW-I beat level 10!

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