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Convert 12 volt DC to 120 volt AC

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That's the simplest inverter circuit that I have ever seen! ;D
1) I can't picture what its waveform would look like. A spikey square-wave with its horizontal parts severely tilted?
2) Its frequency depends a lot on the inductance and saturation level of the transformer, a little on how much load and a little on the capacitor's value.
3) Ocassionally it might not start oscillating when powered, it would have both transistors conducting at the same time and blow its fuse or just sit there and smoke.
4) If it is overloaded or the battery voltage drops with a normal load, it would stop oscillating and blow the fuse or just sit there and, you know. ;D
5) Without protection devices, a transistor would probably blow-up if the load is disconnected or turned-off with the inverter running.
6) You could use NPN power transistors if you reverse the battery connections. ;D ;D

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SemSem, to answer your question: Yes, this is a very simple low output square wave inverter. It is very similar to a design that Delco made several years ago. You should be able to find many variations of it on the web and many other square wave inverter circuits as well.

Please ignore the ones poking fun at your question. I respect one who builds what can be purchased easily just for the education that he can receive from it.


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Guest Alun

Come on MP this is just a bit of banter ;D no one's really being nasty here.  :)

I can see your point though.

I personally believe it's best to start small and then work up to bigger and better things. While a 4 watt inverter is of little practical use, it's a great way to start at least it's safer than a 100w inverter.

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