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An Ultrasonic Cleaner--Schematic

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Coppied from:

Ultrasonic Cleaner
Ultrasonic cleaning is a means of removing dirt and surface contamination from intricate and/or delicate parts using powerful high frequency sound waves in a liquid (water/detergent/solvent) bath.
An ultrasonic cleaner contains a power oscillator driving a large piezoelectric transducer under the cleaning tank. Depending on capacity, these can be quite massive.

A typical circuit is shown below. This is from a Branson Model 41-4000 which is typical of a small consumer grade unit. The H and N are Hot and Neutral of the 115 VAC line. WARNING: Line connected input. Use isolation transformer for safety when troubleshooting.

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Guest Alun

So far so good hotwaterwizard, how are you drawing this?

Are you using a special program or are you using paint and putting some pre-drawn symbols togeather?

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Guest Alun

You've still forgotten to put the kHz in, here I've done it for you.  ;DI can't see any other errors but don't take my word for it come back in a weeks time and see  ;D

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