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maglev test track w/ superconductors


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I have it in mind to build a small maglev track with a vehicle levitated by means of an internal superconductor. I plan for this track to use electromagnets with alternating polarity dictated by simple java programming. My problem is that I lack a certain amount of circuitry expertise that I am finding to be a hindrance on my project's progress. I am curious as to whether or not anyone is interested in providing me any information on how I would do something like that. I read bonanz's post in which he was doing something very similar. Therefore, this post is somewhat directed at that person as to whether they could give me any advice or if they might be interested in assisting me in any way. However, I reiterate that any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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for the first few experiments, i was gonna use a high temperature superconductor (probably YBCO) cooled with liquid nitrogen because these are relatively easy to come by and stable (safety first!!  ;D). i would probably insulate this with thick styrofoam because, again, easy to come by and nonconductor (i don't think that would be a real problem, but better safe than sorry). right now i'm just trying to get the concept "off the ground" (corny, i know). tests would be run one at a time, in which the nitrogen would be changed at least once a day.
                                                                    thanx 4 the response and interest

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