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Wireless camera help

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I know practically nothing about electronics,wiring,circuits, and the like, but I am trying to construct a wireless mini camera.Anyone know how?I was thinking that it could have a visual wire that colud plug into a T.V.. Anyone know anything?Any help would be apreciated. :-\

On the same lines(maybe a bit easier) I was wondering how you could make night vision goggle, for less money than it costs to buy them.

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Guest Alun

Just a couple of questions:
(1) How much electronic knowledge do you have, both pratical and theory?

Building a camera is a very advanced project and you say you don't have any experience, make something simpler like a crystal radio or siren or LED flashlight. Jumping in at the deep end and building a complex project is not recommended you're very unlikely to succeed and you'll probably become frustrated and disheartened and give up.

(2) How much money do you have?

It's probably far cheaper to buy a web cam than make your own.

(3) Are you planning to use this to break the law?

If you want to spy on naked women in the changing rooms at your local pool then I want no part in this. ;D

Sorry I couldn't help you with this but I hope you take my advice and consider building something simpler as electronics can be a very rewarding hobby.

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I can't buy the camera, not because of price, but because I need it to spy on my brother(Can't tell you why) and he would know that I had it if I bought it.I know that it would be hard but I'm willing to put the time and effort into it.I don't want exact schematics(but if any1 has them that would be great ;D) just a little help or some resources.

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