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Having problems registering a new member.


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My daughter who is 9 has taken an interest in electronics, and has been nagging me to help her become a member here, now I've got no idea what she wants to post, or what questions relating to electronics she wants to ask, so now I've finally caved and said ok ::), but with the usual strict supervision ;).

Now I'm having a problem registering my daughter as a member, because we have the same e-mail address, would the only solution be to create another e-mail address, or could there be another way?

Thank you for any help :).

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i'd say crwate a new email but if you don't want her to have her own email then don't let her use it or use it your self i could hook you up with a gmail over 2gb of space :) but you could probably get your own any way it is invite only but a google for gmail invite would give you more invites then you could use :)

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