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Computerized Monitoring of ECG.

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Hello everybody,

This project is titled "Computerized Monitoring Of E.C.G". Usually when
getting an ECG output, the medical personnel attaches various leads onto
various parts of one's body. But when the output appears, it prints the
impulses in graphical form of only one of those leads as its input, to
change the input from one lead to another, it's either manually or
automatically (pre-defined lead changer after a particular amount of time).
What our project does is that it takes inputs from all the connected lead &
shows them simultaneously on the computer screen attached to the ECG
machine. Along with that, this system also stores the impulses in their
graphical form for past 24 hours, so that the doctor can take a look at the
patient's cardiac condition for past 24 hours.

This system is a combination of PC Interface card for data acquisition from the ECG machine, converting those analog signals to digital pulses, sending them to the PC's frontend made in 'C' programming that does the needful.

The problem that I'm facing right now is that, when the friend of mine made it, he forgot to make me the PCB-side circuit diagram. All he provided me with was a functional block diagram of the system & Component layout.

Now, I'm in dire need of the circuit diagram because I'm supposed to submit this project for my college's year-ending submissions.

Can anybody help me out, please?
I wouldn't mind naming them in my project report's acknowledgement section & sending them the whole report.

P.S - The following .zip file contains the images of above mentioned Component layout & functional block diagram.

Thanking everybody who could help me out, or read this message in advance,




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I took a quick look at the block diagram and the part layout and it looks like it is a very old design. The board is designed to plug into an ISA bus of the old IBM PC XT architecture. If you intend to build this board, you'd have to use a Pentium 2 or older box.

The design also includes a 12-bit Digital to Analog converter (AD7541). Do you need this? Also, I searched the part AD5740 using google and the parts does not seem to exist. However, there is an AD7457 12-bit A/D converter at Analog.

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Hello motion,

First of all THANK YOU!!! for replying..... it's been so long, I thought people actually forgot everything about my post.

Secondly, I know things might look really primitive, but I am from India, the place where people actually prefer preserving their x86s instead of burying them deep. So, getting a PC to work on, is not a biggie....

Thirdly, your post there looks mighty promising for a person who's lost almost all the hopes to ever be able to complete this god-foresaken project. now the most important question lies... Can YOU design the PCB layout for us, please?!

I once again mention that I don't mind sharing the project with you or anybody else who helps us. This project doesn't hold any commercial value as of now, but if it does at any point in near or distant future, we don't mind sharing the moolah either. But for now, this project is a make or break point for us & our future.


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Hello motion & tnk2k,
Yes, I'm desperately in need for that board!!!

As for tnk2k's remark,
The person who helped us out in making the rest of the system is a very good friend of mine, the only reason he's unavailable for help us because he's been sent away on company's work to UK for 7-8 months, he hardly gets online, whenever he does, he's allowed to access only his company mail that too only pre-defined secure email addresses, he can neither send emails to me or his family, nor receive mails from them.. Looks like he's been employed by MI6 or some other organization! Pfft! :-(

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Hello Jedi

As an amateur I have the interesrt in building an ECG machine, and have now completed the basic amplifier circuit to acquire the ECG signal from my own body. Please see my previous posting in this forum:


What I like to do may be some what similar to what you are planing to do, i.e. to display the signal on the PC, for ease of data manupulation and storage, etc.

I am a hardware man and I find it difficult to get the part of job in computer programming. I have used a program downloaded from the Internet to display the ECG signal fed to the PC via the sound card. However since a sound card is basically an AC amplifier, the DC content of the ECG signal is lost and so there is some sort of distortion introduced. I am still figuring out how this problem can be solved by software means.

May be we can share our experience with each other.

I am not familiar with medical equipment in practical use -- would it be easy nowadays to have readily available digital output from the ECG machines ? So why do you need the ADC input board for this purpose?

Best regards,


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