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Pellet Gun target


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I want to make a target for my pellet Gun that will light a led to show what area of the targer was hit. I thought i could just use lke a 555 or 558 as monstablemultivibrators but i don't know what kind of switch i could use to tigger it. i would need a some kind of materal that could have the pellet penetrate it but just barely. then that shock could be used to push a push button? I can't use metal because of recoshey and stuff and like partical board or wafer wood or ply wood is to hard.
so i can do the electrical part i think mabe this should have been posted in mechanical constructins?
oh well
it also needs to be a common material 
ps it dosent have to stop the bullet but it might be nice if it would because it would be safer it wouldent have a posibility of flying off somewhere

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Hi Cody,

Maybe you could make some sheet metal rings inside each other mounted on hinges, below the hinges a small switch connected to a timed latch. The contraption mounted inside a tube to catch the ricochets and fragments. 

Way out, isn’t it?  8)

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thanks for the ideas mabe some of bolth like use yours ante for like the buls eye and then some simisoft wood with a piezo tranducer or 2  for the other 2 or 3 rings  and the wood like the ind i have just some softish pine the pellets just stick in it thanks for the ideas guys that should work

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Hi Cody,

Ok, the only”CAD” program I have installed at the moment is paint! The left part of the picture is a front view of the target and the right is a side view. The black things that you have circled are supposed to be returning springs and the green below are small switches. The black dots symbolises the hinges! Does this help any or just make it worse? ;D

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Hi guys, i have an idea which me seema bit off to u. the concentric ring design is very good. What if the rings can be  printed on a plastic film like PET. I got this idea from the way the contacts are made these days in membrane type keyboards. they use two printed plastic sheets with a spacer sheet in between. I have an vacuum deposition unit at my university, where i deposit aluminium contacts for my devices. A better alternate to this is to use commercially available ITO (indium tin oxide) coated PET sheets.  can easily pattern the using PVC tape as mask and common chemicals. the PET is quite strong and the ITO coating is conductive in nature. i hope i'm not being to scientific.

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