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Old pentium 1 processor

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Hi all,

I once found this old computer thrown away, and to any electronics freak, one would take it and be happy ;D. I managed to get the Processor. I’m not sure of its speed, perhaps 166MHz (oh my god), and some 32MB ram sticks. Back then, I was quite dumb to throw the rest away. I also got a display (these where found in old computers to show you the processor speed). When I powered the display, it showed 166. That’s why I assumed that’s the processor speed. I used to have such a display in my old computer.

Now, I read on some other posts on this website that the processor is a microcontroller. I was wondering, how can I make use of it?

I once found this website for this guy who builds some funky stuff and one of them was a little robot that would... well check it out for your self.


I couldn’t manage to get my hands on the PIC16F84 controller. Can someone please point me where I can build a similar project using the Pentium processor?


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Your processor is completely useless without a motherboard, why don't you just get hold of another junk PC - you can get hold of them for nothing these days?

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If i did manage to get hold of an old motherboard (for the P1 processor), how would that help?


You'd be able to get it working. ;)

Get a new motherboard even if it comes with a new processor as it will save you the trouble. To be honest to save yourself the most trouble go for the PIC.
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The Pentium chip that you have is a microprocessor, not a microcontroller. It is far too advanced for your purpose. You are wanting to use the chip as a microcontroller. There is quite a difference. Why purchase an expensive mother board when what you are really wanting is a PIC 16F84 or similar microcontroller, which sells for around $7 or less. My suggestion - Buy the microcontroller and see if some computer junkie wants to buy your old Pentium chip.


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