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Ok, I've learnt how to read electronic schematics in electron-flow style, and now that I've finally learnt it pretty decently I figure out that there's a whole different style? Conventional flow eh? Hmph. It makes absolutely no sense to me. How can people stick with that ancient method of doing it?

Well, seeing as everyone seems to love conventional style, can anyone give me some pointers / links to good sites that explain conventional style in depth? And I mean REALLY explain it, not just say "Oh yeah, and conventional style is just the opposite basically". Another good thing (actually even better) would be how to convert conventional style schematics to electron flow style  ;D

Oh yeah, and while I'm asking about schematics...in complicated schematics, not just parallel and/or series ones, how exactly do you know where the electricity goes? One of my major questions is, in a complicated schematic, if one wire connects to another to make two different paths for electrons, do they HAVE to go through the second one? Or can they just sort of choose to only go one route. I know I ask pretty stupid questions, but that's why I'm here...to learn  :). I need some serious tips or links, cause when I see these *supposedly* simple ones I'm tripping out going "Huh???".

Thanks guys, don't know what I'd do without you.

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