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has to do with my transistors post below


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Ok everyone i tried my best to figure this out, but I came up with nothing. It's sort of hard to search the internet for parts with certain specs, especially transistors. So I need some help from you guys.

Basically this is a schematic for a (crappy)laser pointer detonator I'm making, just for fun. The light dependant resistor in the top left corner's resistance in full light is 2.2k Ohms, and in full darkness its 300k Ohms. The fuse starter is just a piece of steel wool wrapped around a match which heats up and ignites what ever its touching. I got somewhere with the math portion of figuring this out: Turns out I need the transistor to start conducting once the base-emitter current is at least about 2mA (in full darkness its .03mA and in full bright its 4mA, so I went for just about half way in between). Then once the base current is running to a good amperage, im hoping the collector current should be about 1A (although the more the better

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well i'm not sure if your circuit will work but the c2233 should be good it can suply up to 4A but i glanced at the data sheet (i didn't look too long) and it should work with that circuit but you may need another small (can be realy small) transistor to provide enough curent to saturate but it should be ok
o and you'll want this in a small tube or somthing or it mught set off just with the lights on

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