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replacement for SR-07 and SRI-02

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hi all,

I am doing a project on "Voice activated door", where I thought that I will be using a SR-07 speech recognition ckt and SRI-02 speech recognition interface kit. My mentor had aggreed to use that but my project coordinater denied to use that kit coz he told that, we are not allowed to use the custom built kits.

So he told me that to write a code on C/C++ to store the voice and to check, what the speaker had said n if he is the autherized user, i need to drive a dc motor of 3-4.5V n the vocal commands are as OPEN n CLOSE with almost 70 degree of rotation on either side n using the serial port transmitt the information to the door control ckt (here i have planned to use the H-bridge). The problem that I am facing right now is that I have only basic idea on C programming.

So I need ur help on this thing too.

Thanks for any reply.

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