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calculator to TV remote conversion

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I am doing a project for fun. What I wanted to do is to convert the traditional calculator into the TV remote.

What I have planned to use is the IC, that is found in the TV remote and connect it to the calci to get the output

Can it be done?

Thanks for any help

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Dear shri_sam

If you are doinfg it for fun, why don't you build a wireless calculator?
Download the datasheet of your IC, then use an infra red receiver and connect it to your MCU, then you can do everything with your remote control.
In this case you do not need any key. your keyboard is packed and very beautiful ;D

HTH - Shahriar

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Dear shri_sam

What I got from your writing is: you plan to use a TV remote control  IC and connect many  keys to it. then connect the output of IC to you micro.
I said: use the whole remote control as a keyboard just use a Infra-red Receiver to convert the codes sent by remote control. I hope I had not mis-understood.

HTH - Shahriar

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