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Hum in the incoming signal


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I should have updated my memory which become shorter and shorter, got to replace it with a new one with higher speed and size.

Hee, hee. ;D ;D Maybe you could cram some memory modules for cameras into your head. But 1st you'll need to add a low-dropout 3.3V regulator for them, 'cause your existing brain probably operates at the obsolete 5V. Maybe you could also fit some little hard drives from MP3 players in there somewhere. ;D ;D
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Good idea!!
I got plenty of space, I'm going to the dentist on monday I'll ask him to make som space for the backup battery but for the hard drive I will use external  battery with beltclip  ;D

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It would be interesting to know if the “smooth over” UPS cut out when the big one is up and running or does it stay on to supply the exiter circuit. Sometimes the exiter circuit runs of the diesel starter batterys but the first alternative is also possible. The reason for these questions is that the exiter circuit can cause harmonics in the phases if something is wrong with it or it has a bad quality supply. The wires for the supply (DCV) might run near the AC output wires and pickup the magnetic field that then amplifies. To make a rough comparison you could say that the exiter is like the base of a transistor, what you put in here will come out amplified on the phases. Even the diesels alternator (for starter system) can in some cases disturb the exiter if it’s faulty. I have seen strange things happening with these things. 8)

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Hi Ante!

That's another thought but since the hum produces hum bars synchronized with the vertical frequency of the television set it has to be 50 or 60hz.. but wait, don't remember if the humbars was on the computer monitors  ::) as well.

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