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Need some info guys!!

Guest Kasamiko

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Guest Kasamiko

Need some of this info's..

Which part of the world are using POSITIVE GROUND on their automotive wiring?

Where can I find..some info on Electrical Color codes? all standard that are availables..

Thanks guys..

rhonn  ;) ;)

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Hi Kasamiko :),

This is the colour code standards for Ford, and this comes from a "repair and service manual" for an XD Falcon.
The first letter of the code
represents the main wire colour,
the other letters represents the
trace colour and where a sleeve
is installed on the wire the colour
of the sleeve is indicated by the
letters enclosed in brackets.

B - black
L - blue
G - green
R - red
Y - yellow
W - white
N - brown
O - orange
K - pink
S - grey
V - violet
P - purple
X - light green
Z - light blue
M - dark green
T - dark blue
A - light brown
E - slate
D - tan

I know that the very early VW manufactured in Germany, had a positive ground.

Hope this helps :).

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