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EPROM Eraser using UV Leds... possible?

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I read as much information as I found on the internet about UV rays.... and found interesting the possibility to use UV leds replacing those big lamps to build an EPROM eraser ... A "Pocket EPROM eraser"...

But as I'm not an specialist, I'm posting this topic to ask: Is it really possible to use these UV leds to build an eprom eraser?

1.) Small size
2.) Exposure timer (555?)
2.) If there's a TTL replacement for 555, would a CR2032 battery do the job? Anyway, a rechargeable battery could be used, in this case, a 5v battery would be used, allowing the use of a 555 IC.

There's a need to study the focus too... the led should light the whole EPROM window.

Write down any other ideas for the project.

This page
has some UV Led specs(not a datasheet)...
and this is a datasheet (any better UV Led datasheet link?) http://www.marktechopto.com/PDFs/Cotco/LC503MUV130P_040708.pdf

That's all for now :)

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Hi Mauricio,
An UV LED is so dim that you need many of them focussed onto the EPROM, or a very long time (years?) to erase an EPROM.
A little CR2032 lithium battery can supply up to only about 3mA for a few hours. You might need 300mA or more for a few hours.

Try a single UV LED operating at its absolute max current of 20mA touching the window of an EPROM to erase it. Post again in a couple of years whether it is erased yet. ;D

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Hahahaha, right...

After some changes of the search pattern in google, I found that information.... cute idea... let's wait for UV Leds improvements in the future....  ;D

BTW, what kind of UV lamp is best fitted for EPROM erasing: The transparent ones (germicide), the black ones(used in PC Mods), or the white fluorescent-like ones?

Thanks! :)

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In short no it won't work, the radiation from UV LEDs is the wrong wavelength as they have a peak emission from 375nm to 400nm while UV erasers use germicidal mercury discharge lamps with a peak emission of 253.7nm.

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I think it is enough to take it into the sun ??? :) :)

That won't work either, as not much 253.7nm gets though to the earth's surface, you might get a ROM erases after a few weeks if you're lucky.
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