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LED sequencer-need help

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I am needing an LED sequencer that has the ability of turning off (by switch) any of the lights

Just include a switch in series with the LED.

and behaving just like the one or ones turnd off where never there.  Can anyone steer me in the right direction?

What're you talking about? This doesn't make any sense to me. ???

You can make a simple LED sequencer with a 4017 CMOS chip.
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Let me be a bit more detailed.  I don't always explain everything real clear.
I need 8 leds that light up in sequence.  I want to run the switching from one light to the next with a push button instead of the common 555 timer, but I got that part conquered. 
Where I am having trouble is say for example that light 4 is turned on, now what I might need to do is to flip a switch at this moment that will "block" light 2 from turning on.  If I press the push button light 4 will go off and light 5 will come on just like normal no big deal, but at the end of the sequence (light 8) it needs to go back to light #1, no problem there yet.  Now Light 1 is on, remember that light 2 is "blocked" or turned off, with the next press of the button I need it to turn light 3 on.  In other words, skip over the lights that I have turned off, like they were never in the sequence to begin with.
Maybe this is a little clearer.
And thanks for all trying to help.

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Try reading the following articles:

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Okay someone tell me if they think this will work.  Let's say for example that I want the #2 light switched off, this would mean I need the chip to go to light #3.  TO do this what if I used a dpdt switch to not just turn #2 off but to reroute it so that it will trigger some kind of pulser.  the pulser would then be connected to the input switch of the chip via n.c. relay.  this would then open up the input to the chip and then close it causing the chip to move to #3. 
Let me try to explain it again I push the button to switch to #2.  The signal goes out of #2 output and to a pulser, this pulser would then trigger the realy to open up and after the pulser is done release the realy thus closing the circuit causing the chip to move to the next (#3) light.  The relay actually does the same thing as the push button I have controlling the chip.

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