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LED chaser/sequencer pattern generator

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Hi Another,
I've sold some of my Ultra-bright LED Chasers http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/games/004/index.html and yours would be even better. ;D

The problem with them is that they serve no purpose and aren't something that many (if any) people need. :(

Nice little LED pattern generators are sold cheaply for car dashboards.
At my city's night street parties, tiny Chinese ones are sold for 2 bucks (including batteries that cost 4 bucks for their replacement)!

Years ago I designed and built tri-color LED analog faders that shine on the ceiling and slowly make all colors and brightnesses. Now a Chinese copy is cheaply avaiable at Wal-Mart with a PIC making many patterns (but with digital steps) and it even has surf and birds sound effects.

I got blinky LEDs all over my house. My wifey keeps telling me to "turn-off those blinding things" but my daughter has her chaser and fader going all the time that I visit. Maybe my daughter turns them on only just before I come over, then turns them off when I leave. ???

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