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I am still a noobie, it’s not the quantity it’s the quality of the posts which change your label!  ;D ;D

No it's quantity not quality, but I agree, it should be quality - we really should have a rating system.
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Hi Alun,

I know it’s the number of posts which counts, I was just kidding! ;D  But why not, the problem is only: how is to decide what makes one post worth more than the next?

Add a "rate member" next to each member's avatar, when another member clicks it they are prompted to rate their post, the number of votes a member gets deturmines their label.
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The risk involved here is that it might eventually lead to the “kissing ass” mentality I have seen in other forums! Besides there are not that many “active” members here anyway. Of the 11.500 members only 25 has made 100 posts or more! But I could be wrong, it might work anyway!? It might complicate things with the forum software and there are other options that might be of better use to this community. :-\

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Do you think we should change labels then?

"Electronics God" makes people assume the member has knowledge when that might not be the case, do you think "senior member" would be a more appropriate label?

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I like the way it is.
  As far as the rattings work. I think it just mean that the more you respond the higher rattings you get.  I spend a lot of time reading on this form and have learned much. Never know Maybe someday I will move up from the newbie class. ha ha I still have a lot to learn.

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