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test equipment bandwidth

Kevin Weddle

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Does anybody know why they can claim good accuracy with equipment at all frequencies extending down to 0 hz. From what I have seen, the more you pay the higher the frequency that can measured. Now, does that mean you are paying for the extra circuits that are put into the equipment so that you get good results at 0 hz as well as let's say 10 gigahertz? Or are you paying for the beefed up components that will let you measure at 10 gigahertz? I find it hard to believe that unless you have some sort of automatic selector that feeds the different frequencies into different circuits, that you can get good results within the entire bandwidth. So, are we really getting a lot more circuitry, or just high frequency circuitry?

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You should be getting ic's capable of distinguishing signal strenght at higher frequency. My analogy is if you are buying a digital camera one with a higher pixel rating will cost more. There is about the same amount of stuff in the expensive one as the cheap one. The expensive one has a biger sensor in it allowing it to see smaller things- Similar to the expensive test equiptment having sensors capable of seeing higher frequency.

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