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sink vs. source? explanation please


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I work in the industrial automation industry, but I do not have a strong electronics background.  Alot of devices I am forced to deal with (drives, tension controllers, temperature controllers) have discrete inputs that you can use to tell the device to perform some action (start, stop, enable, etc.)  I've read alot of manuals for these devices, and most of them use either the word "sink" or "source" in the description of these inputs.  I do not have a great understanding of these terms.  I was wondering if someone could give me an explanation in laymans terms, or point me towards anything I can read that may have a good explanation.


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A curreent sink means it connects the output to 0V - remember the current is sinking from +V to 0V.

A current source is whe the output becomes connected to +V - remember it is providing a source of current from +V.

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