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New to this...I want to replace my car's mirrors with rear-view cams.

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I'm new so please be gentle.  I did try to search first.

I know that there are already rear-view cam systems on the market, ready to buy.  They don't meet my needs so I want to make my own system.

I want to purchase 2 "micro" video cameras which aren't wireless, and if possible, display their feed on two cell-phone-sized color LCD screens which I will mount inside my car's gauge cluster.  I need to learn enough about this stuff to wire everything up myself...for instance what is the output of the cameras and what is the input for the LCD screens, and how to convert one to the other, etc.  I am already capable of building the camera housings (which are going to replace my car's exterior mirrors.)

I want to do this because A: I think it would be cool and B: becuase I'm doing a lot of modifications to my car to reduce drag and increase fuel econ in various ways.

thanks for any help,

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Earth LCD has a package for this that might be of interest to you. (Personally, I would use wireless)

Go to http://www.earthlcd.com/

ezlcd is one of the kits that they have packaged for those looking for all the parts in one solution. But they also have plenty of resources and individual parts.

Here is a wireless solution that might interest you:

Note: I am not affiliated with either of these companies. This is not spam or buy/sell. Just a suggestion to help you on the way.


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...another thought has occurred to me...you do not want to replace the mirros. You just want to enhance them with this item. If you replace the mirrors, you would have no way to see what is behind you when your car stalls or if you have an electrical problem.


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Thanks for the links.

Eliminating the mirrors is really the main point behind this project.  Each mirror will take about .01 off of the coefficient of drag, and there's a big difference between a cd of .32 and of .30 when it comes to efficiency.  I'm keeping the center windshield mounted mirror, and that shows most of what the outside mirrors show.  If I have an electrical problem and need to check my blind spot, I'll just look over my shoulder.

I would like to find a place that sells small cameras without the plastic housing, mounts, etc.  I just want the bare component with wires coming off it. 


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I think it is not easy to find out QVGA  display module in the market compare to 5.6~7" VGA display module.
You'd better to get 5.6~7" monitor which is common in the market and install on the dashboard.
Most of those monitors can accept NTSC/PAL composite video signal and also output of the rear view camera is compatible to NTSC/PAL composite video signal.
You just connect the signal from the CCD camera to the monitor through the 75 ohms cable.
And if you want to switch two camera into the only one monitor, use video selector which has two input
and one output.
If your car has a navigation monitor already, then just try it.
But in this case, you have to use SCAN CONVERTER since the navigation monitor has different video format  from the common monitor for TV.

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How about using a "portable media player" such as this one:


The specs say it has TV in/out (PAL/NTSC), so maybe I could hide the guts of these these in my dash somewhere, and make an extension to mount the actual screens wherever I wanted (in the gauge cluster.)  Seems a shame for the other circuitry to just sit there not being used though; wouldn't be the most elegant solution.  I just want a small screen (about 2") and the bare essentials neccesary to display a video signal.  There must be something out there...

I don't want the "pimp my ride" look of having large screens grafted into the dashboard.  I think that's tacky.


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It seems not good idea to use PMP for the monitor and another screen on the gauge cluster.
It is too complex.
It seems to be more simple to mount the PMP proper place and input the video signal from camera directly to it.
Or,if you just want more room in your car, consider ceiling type monitor.
You can easily find out ceiling type monitor in your market.
I think 2 or 3" monitor is just produced for mobile application as for the phone ,PDA or PMP.


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