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Hi there alkv23

Well, what is it moore to say? The cap is a 20 uF capacitor, probably a El-lyt, but not necessarily so. Any sign of positive or negative connections? Red and/or black connection markings? Red and black conecting wires? Without a pic it's almost impossible to tell moore! :(
I belive you made a typo error
20.0uf +/- 10&<--
Should be % instead


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Yepp, i belive so too, but i want to see it in the other end first!

I think it is paper and foil. The paper is inpregnated in wax or oil

Maybee, but dont you think it is metallished paper or even metallished polysomething? Polyester? Polycarbonate? Poly???
If it is filled with epoxy in the other end than i will say it is something like that!

But the welder, about 120 KiloVolt, sounds dangerous! I belive the boy dont know what he is talking about!

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mr staigen i know wht im said. Its true that this capacitor using for 120kv. Its very high voltage and dengerous. The machine name is Electro Beam Welder and the part that capacitor contain is SR6. Made in England and were have 4 unit of SR6 here. The current also very high. We using 4 unit of step up transformers. If any small mistake in the operation it can kill.

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Just wanna ask guys now my capacitor is 20.0uf with 200dc, there have total 8 capacitor if i want to use 1 diff capacitor? ist possible? For exp 7 units 20.0uf/200dc capacitor and 1 unit of 15.0uf/200dc. Is this thing can work out? if can or cannot plz give me more info on it. Thanks

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