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If you got confused by the X10 system there are other ways to go, i only pointed you at the X10, the meaning was that you shoud look at how they did, and than design something similar! I found some PDF-files about X10, and downloaded two of them, but im sure you get them too. You can also design a system that is diffrent from the X10, one that you can understand totally. :)


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hello,  ok i thought RG-45 was phone?

The RG-11 is a phone jack to connect to a serial port on a PC.

that confuzed me... is that not 3 different types of commucation?  also i have read up on the x10 and i would like to use them. i just need to find out how to program them?  and as far as making my own ..i think that would take longer then the time i have. so i think ill stick with the x10 What were the files you downloaded can you put a link to them? Also so you what your saying is there is more then one type of program that can program this.  kind of like there is more then one porgram to program C++ ok so ill search now for programming of the x10
and thanks,
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Sorry i haven't been online for a while, the monitor brooke down :(

well i decided not to use them


instead i found ones easer to use :D

Thats nice, show us moore :)

that were not scsi interface

Maybee i haven't read properly, but wich one used scsi

And please, dont call your terminal "touchscreen", it is a terminal that have a touchscreen!

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quick question.... this is what i was told about the screen.

Not sure how you plan to power the unit - this model comes with 8 to 26 VDC.  If you are supplying power, it will be fine.  If you plan to power this unit with the vehicle power as the source, you will need a vehicle power conditioning board.  If that's the case, I will need to make up a special unit.

why whould i need an power conditioning board? and what would be the purpose?  i could just say yes i need it but then it would take longer iam guessing to get to me... do i really need one of these...
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