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    I could use some advice. I use PCB Wizad software to make my PCB's I llike the program but it  has a small component library. I do make my own symbols and it is easy to do.  But I want something  better.
        Eagle's software looks good and $125.00 for a noprofit license is not bad.
  I have dl'd the free tria and am trying it
  I have search some of the eagle support help files. But  I think My problem is that I am new to electronics and I do not know the correct names to the components I want to use. I do look in parts catalogs and that dose help some but there are some Like.

For example 
    The power Socket 2.5ml  that you plag a wall wart into. 
      Pic 16F series microcontrolers eagles seems to have all the C series
      lm386 amp , I know its a linear device but I can't find it in the components list.
      I have more but I want to see if I get a response to this

  Also  OK this is a question,  The eagle software is a trial version, is the paid version better. As far as libraries  go?

                    Thanks for any respones


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The connectors that are available are in the libraries that start with the name con-
PIC C series are the same as F series. It would have been a waste for anyone to make a new library for this, but have you checked on the Eagle site? There are lots of libraries posted on the website. These are ones users of the program have made and uploaded. You might find what you are looking for on the website.


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Wow the more I use Eagle the more I like it.  At first Ihad a problem with 2 sided boards and the way eagle palced the traces, but now after playing around with the prog I figured out a few tricks.  I think the best one is making most of the  traces on the solder side.  I do this by first running auto router with the top of board set as n/a and after its done routing only a few wires are left unrouted the I rerun auto router and set  the top as -  and the few remaining wires are placed on the top side. I like that.  Just had to share my thoughts  gogo

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