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Computer Speaker Switch

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I want to make a comuter speaker/mic vs headset selector switch.
I want to me able to select
speakers = (none, desktop speaker, headset speaker, both)
mic = (none, desktop mic, headset mic)

I was thinking:
on/off switch for comuter speaker
on/off switch for headset speaker
desktop mic/headset mic selection switch
on/off switch for mic mute

My questions are:
a) Is there any thing I can do to minimize noise added to the system (pcb layout, type of switces,...)?
b) What does each section on the round plugs corespond to (where do I put my switches)?
c) I want to add LEDs to indicate what is turned on, is the only way with dual pole switches? Do soundcards provide any dc power for the LEDs, or should I just use a battery?

I am sure you can buy this some where but I want to make it myself.

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