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LM3914 pspice library


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Hi Maliki,
National Semi doesn't have a spicy ( ;D) model for their LM3914.
I looked on Google for Spice and then Pspice Model For LM3914 and found many people asking for a model too. One guy found a similar model to pspice online at a university.
There are many French links. Parlez vous francais? Not me, and I hate Google's horrible translator. ;D

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Here are two SPICE models found online that will simulate the main IC functions including:- a) bar/dot mode selection, B) dot mode carry for cascaded ICs, c) resistor-programmed hi/lo reference voltages, d) output current selection, e) non-grounded V- and divider ladder, f) independent V+ and Vled, g) leakage current of outputs, h) segment overlap and i) supply current variation with V+ and Vref output load.

This model is build by user "alec_t" at electro-tech-online.com forum.



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