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Re: what is trimmer

what is trimmer  

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Hi there ateso8634, welcome to this forum

thing named trimmer

They mean a trimpot, it is an adjustable potentiometer, usally adjusted with a screwdriver.

how many junction point it has

It usally have 3 connections, but i have seen trimpots with 2 connectors and also(for special purposes) with 4 connectors.
So, it is an adjustable resistor

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Hi Staigen,
The project's http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/sensors/016/index.html IR photodiode and opamp circuit is interesting.
At first I thought:
1)Where is the reverse bias voltage for its IR photo-diode, so it can leak current (conduct) when it receives radiation?
2) Where is the negative supply for its opamp?

Then I realised that the IR photo-diode is used in a photovoltaic mode, generating a negative current like a solar cell.
And its parts list spec's a single-supply LM358 opamp that works fine with its inputs at its negative supply (ground). ;D

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Hi ateso8634
if you have a 10k ohm 3 terminals trimmer  you can use it instead of the 2 terminals one.
look at the 3 terminals trimmer's terminals, they look like a triangle there is one is far and two close,  connect (short) the far one with one of the remaining two then you have two terminals trimmer as you want.
hope this help you. 

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