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Inverter Circuit 12V DC to 230VAC Sine Wave

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Dear Forum

iam not crossing my sword with Sasi, these Pics have been Posted from the Book "Advance Inverter & Ups Circuits-vol2" the Publisher & Author  is Mr. G.T Gupta.

Its Very Painful when somebody claims  the ownership of your work, we all refer to some books or Manual, it would be great if we just mentioned "this is from XYZ book" authored by Mr.Xyz.

Atleast we know that we have done the right thing  and can have peaceful sleep at night.

Sasi's Cutoff Circuits  are his Own Piece of work which i appreciate

Audioguru, i couldn't find the ISBN number, iam not too sure if i can Scan the Entire Manual and Post it here in the Forum, i maybe prosecuted, if i don't obtain Permission of the Publisher.

the Cost of the Book is Rs.70 ($ 1.60) if anybody is interested in buying the Manual, i surely will help


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What a strange..... :o

according to me, the book nura is specifying is a perfect of another book published by BPB in India.
ISBN  81-7656-835-X. The book published in 2003. (Photo attached)

I joined in the discussion only because of by seeing the similarity and colour of the scanned image of  printed book by nura.


try to get the ISBN.



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Dear BPB

Yes, i have seen, infact gone thru this BPB book recently,Checked out all the Schematics  but did not Purchase this particular title because there was nothing New in this one, all the Schematics were already Present in GT Publications, its first Edition (Vol 2) came out in 2000  & first Vol in 1998

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Hi Nura,
Maybe great minds think the alike.
When I was young, I designed an audio amp using my own idea of a "complementary darlington" pair for each output transistor. I built it and it worked much better than other amps of that time. A few months later, my circuit was shown by somebody else in Radio-Electronics magazine, claiming that it was his invention. At that time, I never heard of the true inventer, Sziklai. :)

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early version got nothing to claim, and the latest author got ISBN no.

Did any one specifyed any COURTESY to some one in those books?


you are telling you are a manufacturer of Inverters, using the technical part of these books.
Did you printed any COURTESY note on your product ?

Can you give me a distinction between a Manufacturer and a Duplicator?  ::)

My COURTESY to Philips they made and discontinued such a fentastic IC- SG3524

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Dear Akash,

Yes, We have a circuit for running CFL from 12 V, it costs Rs.150,

its a double transistor Push-Pull type oscillator, you can run 5W-36W, 2 Pin or 4 Pin CFL on it, we make this circuits for small vendors(Ice cream sellers,Pan shops, STD Booths etc) who don't have mains supply.

A note to Moderator(MP)

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