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Microwave LCD is very dim.


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Our microwave has a green LCD and it is very very dim.  Sometimes you can make out the the numbers if you squint at it really hard.  It started toing this a long time ago so I dont remember how long after we got it (few months maybe?)  Very rarely I have seen it work normally but that has only happend once or twice (over the period of a year or two) and for a short period of time.  Anyone know whats causing this?  Is it just a lose wire or something?

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Thanks for your reply.  Starting to think no one would.  Rubber contacts? hmmm  This is the picture of the back of the area where the lcd and buttons are.  The green board seems to be just circuitry and the tanish one is the buttons along with some components (small transformer and some other).  Nothing seemed to be really dirty--this hapened not even a year aftet we got it so I dont know if being dirty is the problem.
An urgent rely would be nice considering I have now put our good microwave out of service.  Where would we be without them?


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