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high and low voltage cut off with time delay

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i have gone through the project titled in subject on ur site.

can u tell me the purpose of time delay in the circuit.
also the advantages and applications of this circuit as compared with other similar circuits.

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Hi Sunny,
Welcome to our forum. ;D
I found the project: http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/motor_light/042/index.html

It says that the time delay is important and is missing from other similar circuits:
"Its salient feature is that no relay hunting is employed. This draw back is commonly found in the proctors available in the market."

Without a time delay the voltage would be wrong, so the circuit would disconnect then the circuit would turn on too soon, increasing damage of the protected device from overheating. Therefore the relay will hunt off, then on, then off again, then on again ...... A good way to destroy a refrigerator. With this circuit you can select the amount of delay time to allow the protected device to cool. ;D

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Hello sunny  :)

the above circuit finds its application Mainly in Protecting Refrigerator, and Air conditioners.

you can also use it to protect your Mains Operated Appliance like TV, Music System etc, but these things don't require the Time Delay Feature.

One more important area where you can use this circuit is "Inverter & UPS".

when there  are Fluctuations in Mains Supply, the Relay Cuts the Supply to the mains Sensing Section of the inverter and during the delay period the inverter or UPs takes over  & Provide supply to  the load and once the delay is ended, supply returns to the Mains.

Got it  ;)


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