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Choice of switching regulator IC


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Hello all  :)

I have decided that the new project I want to build ( a 1.2-30V, 3Amp variable PSU) should have a switching regulator IC instead of a linear one.

After a search I have decided that National's LM2576T-ADJ is an IC well-suited for my needs.

Does anyone have to propose a different solution? It must be in a package suitable for stripboard (TO-220 etc.), and a decent price (<5 Euros) would be a plus.

Thank you.

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Good idea Ante, but just make sure you add good enough protective devices like fuses and thermal cutouts safety 's sake, also ensure the transformer's primary and secondars are isolated by a good thick layer of insulation tape. Personally I wouldn't recommend building a mains primary switched PSU as it's not always easy to make it safe, under these circumstances I'd recommend an off the shelf solution.

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