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Digital Remote Thermometer


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Hello everyone,
I'm new around here...

I want to build the "Digital Remote Thermometer"
project as a school project (I'm majoring in electronics)...
Have anyone already tried to build it? does it work?
Where do you get the L1 needed - how do you make it?
Anyone have any information about the project?
Pictures? movies? datasheets?explanations? any info will be happily received!!!

Please feel free to leave a message or to contact me via email at [email protected] (write "electronics project" in the subject)...

Thank you everyone!!

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The problem is that I build it for a school project - very important one!
And because of that, it has to work - if it won't - my max grade is 65, and I need atleast 90 (to get in a university)...
This is why I have to know the project works, and not simply make up stuff...

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I want a little more explanation on the time base generator and IC5 (4553) in the receiver circuit...... i think the latch should be made high at the fifth cycle of the input clock of 4017( i.e. at 1 Hz)....??
Waiting for quick reply
Thanx for any help

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