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Power-sensing circuit


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I need to build a power-sensing circuit for my dust collection system in my workshop. i want my 700W vacuum cleaner to turn on automatically when my 1200W router fires up, as it is quickly becoming a tiring hassle to manually turn the vacuum cleaner on and off each time. I'm aware of all the safety precautions needed to work with mains electricity and would like assistance with designing such a circuit so that i can build it myself.

Thanks in advance!

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it's mainly a safety thing. i guess if i had a switched powerboard mounted onto the side of my workbench it would be ok, but i wanted to avoid the possibility of being able to turn the router off at the power point and not at the switch on the router itself. i've heard horror stories of the router coming on unexpectedly as soon as it got plugged in, and i didn't want to take such a risk with a tool that can take a joint or two off your fingers before you realise it!

that said, a powerboard with individual switches for each outlet would be ok, the router would always go into one that's always on, and the vacuum cleaner would get switched on/off from there. thanks for the simple suggestion :)

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