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Since a Diac has a breakdown voltage of 20V or 30V, then obviously the 1.5V from a diode tester won't work.
Connect the output of a variable voltage source through a series 1k resistor to the Diac with its other pin grounded to the voltage source. When the voltage is raised to 20V or 30V (the rating of the Diac) then it will suddenly conduct and cause a low voltage across it.
I think Diacs are bi-directional, so reverse its connections and repeat the test.

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I was going to suggest 2k2 but I don't know if the current will be high enough, and you'll need a 1W resistor for 30V or 1.6W for 40V, you might be able to get away with 1W @ 40V for a short time but I cerntainly wouldn't leave it running.

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