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Circuit Simulation and PCB Layout Software Comparision


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add "target 3001 V12" to your list.
I tried alot of demos and this is my favourite.
do a websearch for the above and download the pin limited full working demo and try it for yourself.
you will see that it not to expensive to buy the lite version.
They claim its used by the Toyota F1 racing team, so it can't be to bad. 8)

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Hi HC!

All these are good PCB layout softs, best way is to download a demo and try it yourself.
I use EAGLE which is simple to use I personally don't like big heavy softs that force you to use them dayily to keep the skills.
Never tried Proteus or Target 3000 myself but heard that they are good.
If you are a pro making PCB.s every day the best thing to do is to think over and over what your needs are, if not choose one that is easy to use and fulfil your needs don't take one just beacause lots of big companys use them these guys/ladys make PCB,s 8 hours/day.

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Dear HC!
if you need a very good and perfect software at industrial skales you can try
Orcad Layout  or ProtelDXP.the first has got microsift first prize for computer board PCBs.and the second one is a little more complicated but has the advantage of providing FPGA works.
Both softwares are very famous and reliable.It is easier to work with eagle
but it has limited abilities.

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