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high/ low level indicator

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Will a water level indicator work with anything other than water.  What I want to do is build a circuit that will give me a good idea of how much grain is in some feed bins that you would find on a farm.  I'm tired of climbing up them to check how much grain is in them and thought I might give this a try.  I'm also new to electronics...Thanks.

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The Water Activated Alarm uses the fairly low resistance of water between its probes to work. It would also sense coins very well.
Unless your grain to be sensed is soaking wet, it won't detect it.

Maybe you could use an LED on one side of the bin shining on a light detector on the other side, if the bin is dark inside. When the grain's level in the bin drops low enough so that it unblocks the light, then the alarm sounds.

If the grain isn't too dusty then the LED and light detector can be mounted side-by-side and shining on and reflecting off a mirror on the other side.

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