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Outout of a transformer!

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A university expert has said that:

Imagine a transformer connected to a Ac Voltage (between Phase and Nuetral i.e. 100V).
it has an output of i.e. 12V ac.

If you connect this trasnformer to the same AC Voltage (100V) which this ac voltage is comming from Two Phase which have 100V then the output will not be 12 V and is lower than That.

{I mean, Imagine you have connected two Phase to a transducer and this transducer gives 100V rsm at its output then you connect this output to that trasnformer, Then The output will be lower}

I myself have not tested this, it is just what that expert has said and asked to look for the reason?

Is it possible?


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The line-to-line voltage of a three-phase system is √3 times the line to neutral voltage. This quote is taken directly from the following website.
Another interesting website is
So, contrary to what the expert tells you, the voltage is actually higher by approximately a factor of 1.732. Therefore I would expect the phase to phase voltage to be around 173 volts.

After all is said and done, though, Ante is right. It's the transformer ratio that determines the output voltage.

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