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Automated lighting system

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Hi everyone this is paul - i'm currently an A-Level student researching a project on an Automated lighting system, which would use 555 timers to allow the user to program lights to come on at certain times during the day, and using infra-red technology would be able to switch lights on and off using a remote control.

What i want to know is what components would i need to build this, and how would i go about researching this technology?

Any help with this project would be greatly appreciated


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Hi Electrobod,
Welcome to our forum. ;D
I don't know what is "A-level", since every country has different letters for education. Maybe 1st year of kindergarten or last year for a University PHD?

Hopefully you studied the 555 timer and remote control by infrared. If not, look in our Articles section. Also look at timers and IR projects in our Projects section. The buttons linking to the sections are near the top of this page.
Ask questions here if there's something you don't understand.

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Hi Paul,
Now all you need is a pressure/motion switch and an IR remote control system.
There isn't much of a circuit diagram for a simple switch.

If you want to build your own IR remote control system then it is an entire project by itself.
There are many circuits on the web. Go to www.google.com and in the search bar enter IR Remote Control Circuit. You probably should add a flip-flop circuit to its output so the lights stay on or off instead of being momentary. ;D

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