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amp. problem

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[move] hi me jeevan
    i  have buit an amp. and i have an problem with that
    my amp works properly for sometime (for 2 or 3 minute) but afterward it shut down automatically.what may be the problem of that.when input is not given then voltage on ic come to12v normal. but when input is given then the voltage drops to 7 to 9 volt.[glow=red,2,300][/glow][/move]

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Dear jeevan772006

Once I had made a distributor Amplifier with NE5532 IC. I had the same problem, after a few hours I found that I had not Place one of  Jumpers which was related to -Vee Rail. So All of ICs didn't have a -Vee. As soon as I connected it everything went right!!! I was really surprised How it was working... ???

I don't know Wether your circuit has any -Vee or not, I just told this to remember Sometimes strange things happen... ;D

HTH - Shahriar

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