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Need help deciding on a multimeter

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look for resolution and accuracy. Also number of digits. These are common aspects that will determine price. They are also aspects which will cause you problems if they are not good.

Also, ask for a calibration certificate to see if the meter has been calibrated to any specification. If it has not been calibrated, then it is not much good until you verify that it is reading correctly. Many electronics enthusiasts assume the new meter they purchase has been calibrated. Most meters only get a generic cal that is not very accurate. I have purchased meters which were reading several millivolts different of each other coming to me in the same shipment.


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I needed a good quality and reliable digital multimeter with auto-ranging, frequency and capacitor measurements. So I purchased an expensive Fluke one that works fine for years. My boss at work then bought a much cheaper one with about the same functions from RadioShack and it has been unreliable since the day it was bought.

I needed a cheap digital multimeter to be taken around places where it might get damaged or stolen. So I bought a cheap one at a tire store and it is accurate and reliable but doesn't have all the ranges and features of my expensive one.

With the two meters, I can measure voltage and current at the same time. ;D

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