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Do people build stuff for a customer?

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I need to find out if there is a product which is a sort of transmitter / receiver.  There would be two separate units.  and have a shared frequency.  As the two units get closer together one of them will start to vibrate and close the ore the insendity of the vibration.  Or if vibration is not possible then perhaps using an led that flashes the closer the two units get together.

Please note that I know nothing about electronics and and would need to chat to someone to deliver a design and prototype.  Am I in the right place?

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Hi Patrick,
Welcome to our forum. ;D
Somebody here might design and build your system for a fee.

Your idea might have problems:
1) To have a range beween units more than a few cm they must use radio transmitters and receivers. Transmitting a radio signal might be illegal in your country. What range (distance) do you need?
2) You can't have a shared frequency because each would receive its own output. Also they would interfere with each other. Each transmitter/receiver pair must have its own radio frequency, or a single transmitter could be received on one or many receivers.
3) The transmitter and vibrator use a fairly high amount of power requiring the batteries to be replaced or charged often.

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Hey Patrick,
Welcome to our board...I am currently working on a circuit(circuits) using an Xmitter, and a cheap Dollar store radio(walkman type)These radios are really crappy as far as listening...they are mono, and they switch to the next highest freq. at the least little signal drop(you have to push reset, and then scan a bunch of times to get back to the original station. I think these cheapo receivers when slightly modified would be excellent for security uses.When I get all the bugs worked out I will post. ;)

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