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IR vs RF

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I am looking to make an exterior light remote control so my wife can turn on some exterior lights when she drives up the driveway, maybe 200 foot distance. (We live in rural area and she gets nervous)

I am not sure what way is best. From what I have read through these forums, IR seems to be limited in distance and obviously line of sight, but easier to implement.

RF seems to be longer range but more involved.

I am willing to take on either way if I can get some opinion on what method to use.



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Dear Perseus

Antenna theory is very complicated and any Shape antenna has its own specification and uses, but as I have seen in some SIMPLE remote controls, the Antenna shape does not have very Specific impression on the range. I am going to build it for some one, If I did it, I will tell you about the antenna shape....

HTH - Shahriar

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