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schematics for a 2-axis controller

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Thanks.  For the Z-axis, how could I make a momentary SPDT switch turn the motor so many steps on the motor without the motor going more than that many steps if the switch is held closed?  Also, how many stemp does a normal stepping motor have in one revolution?  What could I add to the circuit to automatically turn the z-axis motor so many steps when the computer tells the cnc machine to start?

Why don't you just make a 3-axis machine?

I would understand it you wanted to cut down on the costs. In this case you could use a DC motor controled by a relay and limit switches.

However if you are using 3 steppers anyhow, why don't just add the 3rd axis and be able to do 3d stuff? A circuit to send the stepper a specified amount of steps to one or the other direction at the flip of a switch would be more complicated than making the 3rd axis on the controller.

As for the steps/revolution it depends on the motor but 200 is a fairly common number.

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