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Data Transmission using Xmitters

Naveed Ali

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A new idea from the evil mind...  8)

How abut data transmission using fm or am transmitters?

I mean....

If transmitters are connected to a ethernet line, shall we get same signals on the recievers?

If so...
Then output of recievers can be connected to computer ethernet port and
We can enjoy wireless internet service.

If not...
Then give reasons? ???

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      I belive it might be possible to tx data through FM band but the bandwidth might be very limited. If an ordinary telephone modem is connected to computer and that modem is interfaced with a transciever, considering all the problems of a possible oscillation of the whole thing due to feedback and couple of other things, a speed of upto 56kbps might be obtained.


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Hi Ante,
If you are far from the telco's central office then the high capacitance of the telephone line cuts the high frequencies.
My daughter's ADSL is only about 40kb/s which is better than 8kb/s from a 56k modem on the same phone line, but not nearly as fast as yours.

I switched my high speed cable internet to "High Speed Lite". It costs half as much and the speed is about half of what it used to be but it is still pretty fast. Live TV stops then gets buffered frequently.

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