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I've been playing arround with DXP2004 evaluation software lately and with Orcad student edition, in particular with simulations  ;D. I've noticed one thing for DXP 2004 but I assume that it is the same for any simulation software out there - we have limited number of simulation ready parts, thus I sort of wonder how do they make the simulation ready part? I digged some info for DXP 2004 and found out that we can basically make any part we want and we can assign an appropriate simulation model to it and it will make the part simulation ready. However, we have still limited number of models... So the question still remains - how do we create simulation models either in DXP or OrCAD or any other circuit simulation software? I believe this is more than handy to know  ;D

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I just downloaded TINA - it has few things that DXP doesn't, such as 555 simulation. I also found the simulation model for TLC555 which is the linmos version of the 555 timer chip, but yet I cannot figure out how to create the simulation ready part  ::) Ok, I understand that we can get some sim models but this still doesn't answer the real question - how do we make simulation models if we can do it at all...

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